A free mind is a sea of thoughts / emotions / actions / rest / silence / balance.
It is a piece of music – the unfolding of the sea in time.
It is a picture – the sea as arranged in space.
Time and space are two of its infinite faces.
Its faces are like waves – they come and go – but always stay within the sea.



Death is the gate.

It opens the moment you realise it is on the same coin as life. One necessarily implies the other.

This realisation is in itself death – of the ego – and birth of eternity.

Being one with eternity, you are truly alive.


A common misconception is that time is linear – that it moves from the past and into the future – A to B.
This is a fragmented perception.

Think of time as one aspect/manifestation of reality.
Think of time as a piece of music. You move with the music. But, think of the same piece of music as being a part/aspect of a picture – which, of course, does not move.

Reality does not move, it is always now.
Reality moves, within the now.

We are both the picture, and the music.


What is real is both simple and complex.
One and many.
Still and moving.

It is always and everywhere, whether you know it or not.

But when you know it, you are real – simple and complex – a mirror of the universe.

And the universe a mirror of you.


You can see reality as it is, or color it with your limited spectacles of perception.
You cannot see it as it is through the spectacles.
Taking the spectacles off is not possible – the very action of trying to, blocks.
So don’t put them on – and you are there.


The beginning of re-birth is where you already are. You do not need steps, improvement, gradual change to get you there. All you need is a shift in your consciousness – looking at it all from a different angle.

You make this shift when you stop trying to. It is like there is a plane underneath the one you exist in. Or, like an ocean floor. Except, this ocean floor is infinite.

When the angle changes, you are the ocean floor, and the ocean.


Positive and negative thinking are two sides of a coin.

If you step back – i.e. don’t step forward – you are not thinking.  You are not, anymore, part of the coin.

From this place, you do not rearrange the pieces of the puzzle (reality). They can’t be rearranged. You just are – and observe – and, by watching thus, you start seeing how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

From this place – unlimited spacetime – you act.
This action is directionless (i.e. not positive or negative).
It happens by itself, and it is in accord with the cosmos.


The second state of mind means direct contact / alignment with reality. It is not possible for this alignment to be indirect, i.e. through something else, as that would contradict its nature.

One example of such a misalignment is reliance on authority. Teachers, gurus, organizations etc. are necessarily of limited help in the uncovering of the second state – they may provide useful tools and point to the door, but when it comes to the final ‘break’ (into the second state), dependence on authority is in actuality detrimental – the very fact that one is expecting the answer to come from somewhere else will fragment and block.

In other words: don’t look for answers elsewhere – all you need is already inside you.

Even better: don’t look, and you are there!